Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Give me caffeine! A sleepy Billie Piper shows off her toned pins in short denim cut offs on coffee run

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

In need of caffeine: Billie Piper was looking extremely tired as she stopped off for coffee yesterday in a pair of short denim cut-offs

She recently revealed that she has struggled to find work since the hit series Secret Diary of a Call Girl ended – so perhaps the stress has been affecting her sleep.

But Billie Piper was looking extremely sleepy and very much in need of her coffee as she popped into Starbucks yesterday.

The actress also showed off her toned legs in a pair of baggy denim shorts which she had teamed with a brown jumper.

And it seemed like Billie really had just woken up before she headed for her caffeine fix and she had scraped her hair up into a messy bun.

On her feet she had slipped on a pair of comfy looking leopard print loafers as she made her way to her car with her breakfast.

As she opened the car door to her Mini she balanced the second cup of coffee on top of the little car while she negotiated the other cup and the bag filled with breakfast.

Slim pins: While Billie was looking tired she was showing off her trim and toned legs in her baggy shorts

While she has now finished playing call girl Belle du Jour in the hit ITV2 series, there is a possibility Billie will be working on a film version of the show with producers Stateside.

However, Billie recently revealed despite talks about the movie, she is struggling to find work because of the credit crunch.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Billie, 28, said: 'I'm just trying to find a job. We're back to the drawing board.

Heading for home: Billie, who has recently revealed she is struggling to find work after finishing Secret Diary of a Call Girl, negotiated the two coffee cups before getting into her mini to drive home

'It's frustrating, it's tiring. It's desperate. You slightly lose your mind. You have no confidence, then you have too much confidence.

'It's an endless frustration. That's the nature of the beast. You have to suck it up and get on with it.'

Billie even said she is considering moving her family, husband Laurence Fox and son Winston, to America in a bid to get a new job.

She said: 'Things are getting made a lot faster for less money and there are a lot fewer opportunities for actors.

'There's not a lot of work in the UK - that's why everyone's moving to America. It's where the work seems to be. But it definitely feels like a lot more of a slog to get a gig these days.'


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