Sunday, May 8, 2011

Is that really workout wear? X Factor USA judge Cheryl Cole visits celeb gym

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

Jumping for joy? Cheryl Cole was seen leaving Tracy Anderson's gym in L.A. yesterday wearing unusual workout attire and performing a number of bizarre movements as she left the gym

She has just landed one of the biggest gigs in showbusiness as judge on the U.S. version of the X Factor so Cheryl Cole could be forgiven for jumping for joy.

But as she left celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson’s gym yesterday she was quite literally doing just that - which made for a bizarre sight indeed especially because of what she was wearing.

The petite singer, who is said to have asked her brother Garry to move to America with her, ran down the steps of the gym in Studio City and performed a series of jumps pulling her knees up high to finish off her workout.

While her warmdown exercises may have seemed slightly unorthodox her clothing for the gym was much more curious.

Cheryl had chosen a pair of camel coloured pants and a striped navy jumper, which seemed an odd choice for the gym session and the effects of the workout could clearly be seen on the top which appeared drenched in sweat.

In fact the jumper was the same one Cheryl had worn during her flight from London to LA on Friday.

What are you wearing? The singer raced down the steps of the gym before jumping into the air. Cheryl had decided to wear a striped navy jump a pair of camel coloured baggy trousers and a pair of aviators

While her black Nike trainers appeared the most suitable item of clothing the singer finished off her look with a pair of aviator sunglasses and carried a bottle of Fiji water to keep her hydrated.

It appears Cheryl has enlisted the help of the personal trainer to get her L.A. ready and Tracy’s client list includes Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez who swear by her methods, so it comes as no surprise that the Girls Aloud singer has turned to Anderson.

Cheryl arrived in America on Friday with her brother Garry by her side and has asked for his support as she begins work on the U.S. version of the X Factor show.

Hello USA! Cheryl arrived into LAX on Friday with her brother Garry by her side to ensure she doesn't get homesick. The auditions for the show start today

The 23-year-old will be living with the singer at her beachside hotel so she doesn’t miss home too much.

Cheryl has admitted: ‘I’m a really homely person. I miss home when I’m only away for a few days,’ The Sunday Mirror reported.

The Geordie singer’s appointment was confirmed on Thursday alongside Cowell and LA Reid as a judge on the U.S. version of the show – ending months of speculation.

Big shot: Cheryl has been given a £1.2million deal as a judge on the X Factor but is said to have been given just a year to make an impression on the American audience

Bye Bye U.K.: Cheryl was seen at London Heathrow on Friday in her striped navy jumper, which she wore to the gym yesterday, and a pair of beige trousers ahead of her flight to LAX

The singer has landed a one-year, £1.2 million ‘make or break’ contract to appear on the new show and has a year to really make a name for herself stateside.

Cole’s deal is actually for three years – but producers have written in a get-out clause so they can dump her if she fails to win over US viewers.

There has already been some concern that her Geordie accent could prove baffling for the Americans but Cowell has said that Fox bosses back her all along.

Cole – who has been a judge on the British version of the show since2008 – said she ‘couldn’t wait to get started’ on the transatlantic version. ‘I absolutely love it in the UK and with the talent they have in America I am sure we’re going to find someone very special.'


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