Sunday, May 1, 2011

Katie Price marks her Argentina trip with ANOTHER tattoo... but keeps it under wraps

By Emily Sheridan

OMG it hurts': Katie Price posted a photo of herself getting a new tattoo by Mariano Antonio (right) at the American Tattoo parlour in Buenos Aires

Many visitors to Argentina end up going home with a traditional mate cup, tango music recordings or Che Guevara memorabilia.

But Katie Price decided to commemorate her romantic trip to her new boyfriend Leandro Penna's native country in a rather different way - by getting a new tattoo.

The glamour model, 32, opted to have another etching added to her inner left arm - alongside her older designs of a crown and her daughter's name 'Princess'.

Price also had her first husband Peter Andre's Christian name above the crown, but had a cross tattooed on top of it in soon after they split in 2009.

But as she posted a photo of herself apparently getting another tattoo in the same place - perhaps she is finally covering up all trace of her tribute to her ex.

Although she teased fans by announcing she had a new tattoo and posting a photo on her Twitter page, the glamour model declined to show fans what it looked like, preferring to wait a few days for the redness to subside.

She wrote: 'In the middle of having a new tattoo ...OMG it HURTS grrrr ahhhhhh.'

I can't look: Katie fixes her gaze on boyfriend Leandro Penna as Antonio tattoos her arm

Her tattooist Mariano Antonio, from the American Tattoo boutique in the upmarket Buenos Aires area of Recoleta, also Tweeted: 'Gorgeous Katie Price is getting a tattoo now! Lovely lady ;) and handsome Leandro Penna. A cute couple.'

He also uploaded a photo of him in action with the needle and promised followers his work of art would be ready for viewing soon.

When one Twitter user asked the tattooist what design he etched on her skin, he replied: 'She's gonna show you in a few days!'

Price's new tattoo will be her sixth in total - she also has a ribbon around her right ankle hanging down over her foot and a bow on her lower back.

Before and after: Is Price getting a new design over her 'Pete' tattoo - which she had crossed out (right) during a trip to Ibiza soon after their 2009 split?

Her decision to get a sixth tattoo contradicts a claim she made last year that she was 'needle-phobic' while she described going through IVF with soon-to-be second ex-husband Alex Reid.

Antonio is the same tattooist who etched a spiral design across 25-year-old Penna's back in March - just a couple of weeks after he met Price at Elton John's post-Oscar party in Los Angeles.

She told fans she would be returning to the UK this week as she is due to sign some of her books at a WHSmith in Welwyn Garden City in Herts on Saturday.

She's been in Argentina since April 15 after just a week back in Britain following her initial trip to Buenos Aires, which lasted just four days.

During her trip, she's met Penna's parents Mercedes and Hector and enjoyed lots of sports, including sky-diving and horse-riding.

Body art: The glamour model also has a ribbon on her right ankle and a pink bow on her lower back

Last week, the couple narrowly avoided serious injury after their car crashed when two horses suddenly ran into the road.

Her spokesperson told MailOnline at the time: 'The accident was quite horrific and she was quite shaken up but after she visited the chapel she did get on a horse for five or ten minutes as they were horses at the hotel where they were staying.'

It is understood the mother-of-three suffered cuts on her hands and a jarred neck after the incident, which happened at 1.30am on April 23 around three miles from their hotel Estancia San Pedro Viejo in Cordoba.

And witnesses said the only reason she and the Argentine model survived the crash.

Meanwhile, Price's two youngest children Junior and Princess have been holidaying in Cyprus with their father, her ex-husband Peter Andre.

Tattooist to the Argentine stars: Penna visited Antonio in March for a tattoo on his back


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