Thursday, May 5, 2011


She could have been just another poppet off the production line of pretty young singers, scheduled to be a one-hit wonder at most, but from the moment she kissed a Girl, Katy Perry was destined to be different. Depending on which version of her life you prefer, Perry is either the most carefully constructed pop star of recent years, or she is a supremely talented singer-songwriter who is defining the zeitgeist for young America with her clever lyrics and chic, colourful, retro fashions.

The controversial singer may have huge blue eyes, a gorgeous face and an uncanny knack for channeling the retro pin-up style of a Vargas Girl - but she hasn’t always had the confidence to pull off some of her more daring looks.The 26-year-old singer got married to British comedian Russell Brand in India on New Year's Eve and she’s admitted that she is more willing to wear sexy outfits because she feels so "empowered" by her relationship.

"My sense of style has changed a bit. It is probably because I feel sexier and more confident in my skin," she said in an interview with British magazine Star. "My relationship has really empowered me and made me more confident in myself and in whatever I want to be and do," she said.Of course, risk takers like Perry occasionally get slayed in the press for those wacky ensembles, like a zebra-printed pantsuit paired with bright purple pumps that didn't do her any favors.

However you interpret her look, from lovable oddball to pinup princess to worst-dressed woman alive, Katy Perry is a case study in having fun with fashion.


- Bedazzled accessories -- the more sparkles the better.
- Like Carrie Bradshaw, Perry likes to pin a huge flower onto any ensemble.

- Polka dots, leopard print and a fruit motif are absolute musts.

- Lots of pink and turquoise.

- Onesies, rompers and sunsuits.

- Blunt-cut bangs, fluttering eyelashes, red or baby pink lips (no middle ground).

- Huge bows.


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