Friday, May 6, 2011

Kim Kardashian is a fashion winner in flattering black jumpsuit


Fashion forward: Kim Kardashian models a black jumpsuit as she goes shopping at Chanel in Los Angeles, California

Kim Kardashian is always keen to try any new fashion trend.

And while she doesn't always get it right, for once her black jumpsuit was the perfect outfit choice.

The reality star stopped the outfit looking too casual with a statement gold necklace and her favourite black Birkin bag slung over her arm.

Shopping spree: Kimloads herself down with bags full of goodies from Chanel, Birkin and other boutiques

Kim chatted on her mobile phone as she shopped in Beverly Hills, loading herself down with purchases from boutiques including Chanel.

She also dropped into Birkin, where she selected a black leather clutch from the expensive store.

With American's celebrating Mother's Day this Sunday, perhaps there was a gift for Kim's mother Kris amongst the loot

Beauty regime: In a break from shopping, Kim nipped to the salon to get her nails done

Kim has just returned to Los Angeles from Mexico, where she enjoyed a family vacation to mark her sister Kourtney's 32nd birthday.

She tweeted: 'So happy to be home from a fun long family vacation! Its been a while since the whole family got together like that! We need to do that more.'

How not to wear it: Amber Rose wore the jumpsuit in a daring shade and shape at Fred Segal in Hollywood today, but it was a fashion fail

Meanwhile, despite her model status, Amber Rose, 27 , showed how not to wear a jumpsuit in Hollywood today.

Kanye West's ex opted for this season's trendy bright yellow with a hip utility silhouette for a trip to Fred Segal.

But it only served to highlight how following fashion trends to the letter can be less than flattering, with Kim's classic spin on the fad coming up trumps.

source: dailymail

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