Sunday, May 8, 2011

Monkey Business! Wayne and Coleen Rooney's car takes a beating after trip to safari park with Kai

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

Monkey Business: Wayne and Colleen Rooney took their son Kai to Knowsley Safari park last week where the primates played havoc with their car

It is well known that if you drive your car into a monkey enclosure at a safari park the chances are the cheeky primates will do their fair share of damage.

And that’s exactly what happened to Coleen and Wayne Rooney when their took their son Kai to Knowsley Safari Park on Thursday last week.

The couple treated their one-year-old son to an up close encounter with the animals at the park but as they entered the monkey den the primates paid particular attention to their car.

Wayne tweeted: ‘Just been Knowsley safari park with @ColeenRoo and Kai. Monkeys all over my car. Kai loved it.’

And wife Coleen made sure she took some snaps which she posted to Twitter showing the monkeys attacking their Audi worth around £80,000.

But with Wayne thought to be earning around £150,000 a week he can afford to let his car get trashed by the cheeky animals.

Problematic primates: Coleen posted a picture of a monkey attacking a windscreen wiper on their £80,000 Audi car

Cheeky chappy: Coleen also posted a picture of a monkey peering around the windscreen and pulling on the wing mirror

Coleen tweeted: 'Great time in safari park with Kai and @WayneRooney!!! The monkeys were so funny. X.'

But she added: ‘Not good for your car though!!!’

Coleen also posted pictures of two monkeys, one peering around a wing mirror appearing to be trying to peel it from the side of the car, while another snap saw a cheeky animal snapping back a wing mirror.

Splashing out: Last week Coleen flew from Manchester to London for a Littlewoods shoot carrying an expensive personalised Louis Vuitton case worth £2,630

Earlier in the week Coleen had been in London shooting for her new fashion range with Littlewoods but also used the opportunity to catch up with friends.

As she jetted from Manchester into the capital Coleen was seen pulling a personalised Louis Vuitton suitcase worth a cool £2,630.


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