Tuesday, May 10, 2011

'It's so bad it's hysterical': New reality show Made In Chelsea doesn't live up to the hype as viewers label it 'banal and boring'

By Sarah Bull

Drama: The show follows the lives of Caggie Dunlop and her friends as they enjoy their privileged lifestyles in Chelsea

It had been marketed as the new The Only Way Is Essex.

But last night E4's new reality show Made In Chelsea failed to live up to the hype as its premiere caused viewers to flock to Twitter in their thousands to pass judgment.

While many labelled it 'banal' and 'boring', others said the programme, which follows the lives of the rich and privileged in one of London's most exclusive areas, was so badly staged it was laughable.

One wrote: 'I'm watching the biggest bag of rubbish Madeinchelsea what a load of crap!!! It's so bad it's hysterical...r these people reading a script?!'

Another added: 'Just watched the first 10mins of Made in Chelsea.why are our reality shows so staged and fake... they just don't even try!'

Others said the programme, which follows socialtie Caggie Dunlop and her group of friends, lacked the appeal of The Only Way Is Essex because the characters were not as likeable.

One viewer tweeted: 'Well, that was the biggest group of unlikeable people I've seen for a while #MadeinChelsea.'

While another wrote: 'Bored already !! Limp hair .. No lashes .. Boring banter !! MASSIVE bore !! Not a patch on Us ESSEX boatys !!'

Love triangle: Caggie's relationship with Spencer Matthews, who has a girlfriend, was the focus of the programme

Jealous: Francis Boulle watched jealously with his friend Fredrik as Caggie chatted to Spencer

The show opened with a monologue from central character Caggie, who promised viewers: 'In Chelsea the truth is more fabulous than fiction.'

She added: 'You might say that we have it all but having whatever you want can make choosing that much more tricky.'

Sure enough, a love triangle quickly unfolded between Caggie, Spencer Matthews and his girlfriend Funda.

As Spencer attended socialite Amber Atherton's jewellery launch at Raffles nightclub with his friend Hugo Taylor, Hugo asked him if there was ever a chance of him and Caggie being together.

Excited! Chelsea's very own gossip girl Francesca Hull (left) and Alexandra 'Binky' Felstead arrive at London's Raffles club

Hilarious: Mark's laugh and comments about high-street fashion were one of the funniest points of the programme

To which Spencer replied: 'I would be surprised if at some point in our lives, Caggie and I didn't not hook up.'

But Spencer wasn't the only one interested in getting to know Caggie a little better, as Francis Boulle had also set his sights on the leggy IT girl.

Asked by friend Fredrik Ferrier what he liked about Caggie, Francis replied: 'Caggie is pretty cheeky. She's got great lips and she's funny. Maybe she's the perfect girl.

'I think maybe she's a potential suitor.'

Party time: Amber Atherton enjoys herself at her jewellery launch with pal Rosie Fortescue

Snub: Amber turns down Hugo Taylor's advance when he asks her out in the club

But it wasn't only Caggie's lovelife which was under scrutiny at the nightclub, as the evening's hostess Amber also attracted some (unwanted) attention.

Attempting, and failing, to hide her annoyance as she was approached by Hugo, Amber then proceeded to refuse both his request to be her friend on Facebook and his invitation to go out for a drink.

When asked why his friend request was still pending, Amber replied: 'I find the whole concept of Facebook really strange because you can just basically stalk someone.'

Long-haired brigade: Both Ollie and Fredrik appear very proud of their long locks

The jewellery launch was covered by Francesca 'Cheska' Hull for her Girl About Town blog, and one of the funniest lines came when she was interviewing a partygoer about what he likes and dislikes in a potential partner.

The man, named only as Mark, replied: 'Topshop is a complete turn-off. High street fashion is never allowed under any circumstances.'

He then added: 'Big hair is a definite turn on.'

Waiting game: Caggie is upset after her calls to Spencer before her first live show go unanswered

Controversial: Spencer's decision to go to the show and leave girlfriend Funda behind causes problems

Another of the evening's classic lines came from Alexandra 'Binky' Felstead who, while enjoying a drink and a chat with Cheska and pal Ollie Locke, thought hard about who had written Winnie The Pooh, replying eventually: 'Was it Charles Dickens?'

The love triangle between Caggie, Spencer and Francis reached a new peak when the men went to see Caggie sing at her first public gig.

Despite leaving him countless messages before taking to the stage, Spencer didn't arrive until almost halfway through her performance, whereas Francis was there from the beginning.

And Francis also appeared to be attempting to woo Caggie properly, taking her a pink rose as congratulations after the live set.

However, Caggie only had eyes for Spencer, leaving Francis' rose on the table as she left to 'grab a bite' with Spencer, much to his girlfriend's disgust.

In fact, when Funda found out about Spencer's late-night rendezvous with Caggie she was furious, leading Spencer to confide in Huge that he wasn't sure what to do and whether or not to break up with Funda to make a go of it with Caggie.

Starstruck: Despite arriving late, Spencer appears smitten as soon as Caggie starts to sing

What happens next? Things are now frosty between Spencer and Funda

He said: 'I haven't done anything wrong at the moment but I don't want to do the wrong thing by Funda.'

Another of the evening's romances came from Ollie and girlfriend Gabriella. Despite his overtly-camp attitude suggesting Ollie was gay, the long-haired lothario proved to be straight when he went for dinner with Gabriella and greeted her with a big kiss on the lips.

But the relationship seems to be slightly one-sided as, when Gabriella launched a series of massive compliments at Ollie, he replied: 'That's very sweet'.

The anti-Essex: Made In Chelsea stars rich girls (on floor) Milly Mackintosh, (standing L-R) Amber Atherton, Alexandra Felstead, Francesca Hull (sitting L-R) Rosie Fortescue, Caggie Dunlop and Gabriella Ellis

Polo players and diamond heirs: (L-R) Ollie Locke, Spencer Matthews, Fredrik Ferrier, Francis Boulle and Hugo Taylor join the girls

She said: 'You're the first person I've actually been with who I feel comfortable with because I think we're very similar.'

And when Gabriella pushed Ollie as to what he thought of her, he replied: 'I like you a lot, you're a wonderful, wonderful person', before changing the subject by saying: 'Those eyelashes look exceptional!'

While verdicts on last night's show proved less than complimentary, the long-term success of Made In Chelsea remains to be seen.


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