Monday, May 9, 2011

Tottering twins! Sarah Jessica Parker shows off her adorable toddlers in New York park


Cute sisters: Marion and Tabitha went with their parents to the park but as one confidently strolled around, the other stayed shyly in her pram

At almost two years old, Sarah Jessica Parker’s twin girls have grown into adorable toddlers and their doting mother was keen to show them off in her local New York park.

Her 22-month-old daughters Marion and Tabitha might not be identical, but their cropped hairdos and matching sandals made their sisterly style shine through.

But as the youngsters stayed close to their mother and father, Matthew Broderick, one appeared a lot more confident than the other.

Treat time: Doting mother Sarah Jessica Parker gives her twins Marion and Tabitha a packet of crispy mangoes each

The cutie dressed in pink appeared shy and uneasy as she got out of her pram, while her sister confidently strolled around without any hesitation.

Their eight-year-old brother James Broderick joined the family and tried his hand at a round of chess in Washington Square Park.

Watched by his proud mother, the youngster seemed confident as he took on an older opponent.

Father Matthew Broderick also watched his son make his moves.

Sisters' style: Both adorable twins wore knee-length leggings and the same sandals with socks

Checkmate: Sarah Jessica Parker helps her son James Broderick play chess in Central Park yesterday

Family outing: The celebrity couple helped their 22-month-old daughters Marion and Tabitha through the park

Proud: Parker and Broderickenjoy parenthood in the park on the warm New York spring day

Celebration: James leads his mother through Manhattan earlier today after the family shared a Mother's Day lunch

source: dailymail

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