Saturday, May 7, 2011

You've got to be kidding Katie! Jordan flashes ring on engagement finger the day after Leandro jets back to U.K.

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

Trying to tell us something? Katie Price was seen with a huge ring on her engagement finger earlier today as she attended a book signing with Leandro

She's admitted to being in love with him and just a day after Leandro Penna followed her back to the U.K. Katie Price has been spotted wearing a diamond ring on her engagement finger.

The glamour model flashed the rock at her book signing earlier today as he boyfriend Leandro proudly looked on.

The 26-year-old model jetted to be back by Katie’s side yesterday after the couple spent just three days apart.

Katie jetted back from Argentina on Tuesday night and shortly after returning from a trip to Leandro’s home town Katie,32, tweeted: ‘At least I can admit now I'm in love with leo and had been for along time but didn't want to say woo.’ (sic)

As she clutched her novel for a photocall Katie, who has been married twice, showed off a huge ring on her engagement finger.

But while she has only known Leandro for a matter of months she appeared to enjoy playing up the camera's with the rock and ensured she held her book in her left hand to get the ring in shot.

She wore a checked grey shirt over a white vest teamed with a pair of grey leggings, suede boots and she finished off the look with a black wide brimmed hat.

Can't stand being apart: Leandro joined Katie at her book singing today after following her back to the U.K. from Argentina after just three days

But while she was happy to flash the rock she kept her latest body art hidden and was sporting a bandage around her left wrist.

Katie opted to have the etching added to her inner left arm - alongside her older designs of a crown and her daughter's name 'Princess' while she was in South America.

The glamour model used to have the tattoo of the word Pete in the same area surrounded by hearts but shortly after they split she was seen with his name crossed out.

'I love him': As Katie arrived back into the UK earlier this week she tweeted that she was in love with Leandro and today she ensured she was pictured wearing a ring on her engagement finger

Tweeting from the American Tattoo boutique in the upmarket Buenos Aires area of Recoleta, Katie wrote: ''In the middle of having a new tattoo ...OMG it HURTS grrrr ahhhhhh.'

Perhaps her new inking is a tribute to her current boyfriend who she met little over two months ago at an Oscars party hosted by Elton John.

Cat who got the cream: Leandro gives a thumbs up as he watches Katie at the book signing

Katie filed for divorce from Alex Reid, who she married in February 2010, just days after meeting Leandro in March.

The glamour model had split from her first husband Peter Andre in May 2009 after three and a half years together.


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